With a unique blend of expertly crafted ads and personalized guidance, Ads Kickstart provides the ads and set up for you and then empowers you to manage your ads independently with 30 days of professional support, saving you time, money and frustration while achieving tangible success together.

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Ads Kickstart



You've poured weeks (or months) of effort into crafting your offer, only to hit a brick wall when it comes to advertising. You launch your ads with high hopes, only to be met with disappointing results – minimal sales, fleeting success, or worse, nothing is happening.

. Doubts begin to creep in, leaving you with more questions than answers: Which audiences to target? When to tweak your copy? How to scale your campaigns effectively? What is all of this data and which metrics are important?
It's enough to make even the savviest entrepreneur question their intelligence.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone.

Many business owners face these challenges every day, which is why I decided to develop a unique agency solution: Ads Kickstart.

Stranded in the Advertising Wilderness?
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maybe this sounds familiar...

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Our goal is to empower you to manage your ads independently while providing ongoing support and guidance. Our team of experts will be available for 30 days to help you optimize your campaigns, uncover winning ad creative, copy, and audiences, answer any questions you have along the way and drive tangible results for your business.

30 days of ongoing support

We go beyond just launching your ads. Our team will audit your ad account, ensuring it's set up for success, and then handle the heavy lifting of setting up and publishing your ads. This comprehensive approach saves you time and ensures that your campaigns are launched smoothly and efficiently.

Seamless Ad Set-Up and Launch

Our team of experts will work closely with you to craft ads that are tailored to your business and designed to drive results. From compelling copy to scroll-stopping creatives, we'll ensure that every aspect of your ad campaign is optimized for success.

expertly crafted ads

What sets Ads Kickstart apart?


The journey begins with a simple step: book a call and fill out our application.
This is where the magic begins.

book a call & apply

Step 1

A week before our kickoff call, you'll receive a detailed questionnaire and access to private folders so you can provide us with your content, funnel information, and branding assets. This step allows us to tailor our approach specifically to your business, ensuring that your ad campaigns are perfectly aligned with your goals.

preparing for success

Step 2

During our kickoff call, we'll dive into your goals, review your funnel, and provide valuable insights to inform our strategy moving forward. With your input and our expertise, we'll craft compelling ad copy, creative, and launch your campaigns within the week.

the kick off call and launch

Step 3

Once your campaigns are live, the reins are back in your hands – with our guidance, of course. You'll have direct access to our team for any questions or ideas that arise as you navigate the world of ads. With our ongoing support, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to manage your ads effectively and drive tangible results for your business.

take control

Step 4

So, how does this work?

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"Ads Kickstart has been a game-changer for my business. With their expert guidance, we crafted ads that drove significant engagement and conversions within just a few weeks. And the ongoing support was invaluable! Even after my campaigns were live, they helped answer my questions, providing valuable insights and guidance to help me optimize my ads and maximize my results. " — Lisa M.

"We crafted ads that drove significant engagement and conversions within just a few weeks."

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one! I didn't realize how much of getting healthy was the mental work. She helped me get back on track after having my 2nd baby." — Marie H.

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

"I thought I never had time for my own health between 3 kids and a tiring job. Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME." — Jasmine V.

"Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."



Payment Plans Are Available

+ 2, 60-minute calls with recordings
+ Ad account audit and pixel setup, if needed
+ Expertly crafted ads for up to 2 different offers
+ Initial ad setup for up to two campaigns
+ 30 days of direct support from our founder, Jennifer

what you'll receive:

Limited Spots Available
We only book 3 Ads Kickstart Experiences per month so we can dedicate our full attention to your needs.

Ready to Kickstart Your Ads Journey?


I help visionary coaches and course creators get seen, grow their email list, launch their course or program and make more money with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here's what you should know about me: I'm an action taker and I believe learning a craft is a life-long process. So while I have years of experience getting HUGE RESULTS for clients, I'm always continually learning and building on that expertise so I can continue to stay up to date and get clients incredible results on Facebook's ever-changing ad platform.

I'm passionate about simplifying the complex world of Facebook and Instagram advertising for businesses who are serious about investing in an ads strategy that will have a major impact on their business. And I do that through a complex process of data gathering, analysis, strategy, and experimentation.

Basically....I'm a data nerd 🤓 (which means I'm an ad powerhouse 😉)

Ready to get more visible while attracting qualified leads through Facebook and Instagram ads?

meet  your coach!

I'm Jennifer — true crime junkie, nature lover and your go-to 

ads bestie

let's get started!

I'm sure you've got questions, we've got the answers!


are you running my ads for me?

We are not running your ads for you.

Our team will complete the initial set up of your ad campaigns and from there, you are running your own ads so you can learn how to optimize your ads after the 30 days are concluded.

You can, however, get guidance from us anytime during the 30 day support phase.


Our agency doesn't take on over 90% of the applications we get to become a client.
Why? Most business owners need to prove their ads + funnels. This saves them a ton of money in wasted ad spend.

Plus, when you do outsource you will know the metrics to look for and the questions to ask.

What kind of support is provided during the 30-day period?

During the 30 day support period, you will have a dedicated Slack channel that you can use to send Jennifer any support questions or screenshare videos.

If you'd prefer not to use Slack, we can communicate via email instead.


After 30 days you will be prepared to run your ad campaigns all by yourself!

At this point you'll have winning ad creative, ad copy and know how to run your own ads.

You can continue to run your ads yourself or hire a team to run them for you - the option will be yours!

How soon can I expect to see results?

In terms of how long it might take to get your first few results, you will usually see this in the first 24 hours but we recommend waiting at least 3-4 days or up to a week before you make any significant changes to your ads. During the support phase, we can help guide you on next steps based on the data you see coming in to optimize your ad performance.

We CANNOT guarantee your revenue goals. That's not fair to ask of us, since we're only one part of any business equation and one of the biggest drivers of your overall ad performance is your offer and sales funnel.

Any client who has worked with us will tell you that we give you 1000% of our creative energy, time, and expertise. We pride ourselves on giving each and every client world-class service. We will treat your business as if it's our own, and so that means - We will not work with just anyone.

I have a basic application form I require to help save you and I both the time, if we're not a good fit. Because let me tell you, when we are - magic happens!

Is there a minimum ad spend for ads kickstart?


While we do recommend spending a certain minimum amount depending on the type of ad campaign you run so that you give Facebook enough budget to go out and serve your ads and get results, those minimums can be as low as $10/day. 

If you aren't sure about how much you should spend, we can provide guidance once you apply!

Can I use Ads Kickstart if I'm completely new to Facebook and Instagram advertising?


As long as you have a proven course, program or product that is already selling and you have a funnel set up for traffic to get there, we can help.

We designed this experience for both beginners and those who have already run ads before as a way to get help with creating great ads for your foundation and an "agency-in-your-pocket" support after we give it back over to you for support. 

Book your call and apply!

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During the application phase, we'll assess whether this is a good fit for where you are in your business. No strings attached.